The World’s End Cafe

The World’s End Cafe is a lovely cafe in the heart of Chaluklum, directly across from the Government Pier in Chaluklum.     Lotta, the Chef / Owner is the creator and creative force behind this eatery.    From Sweden originally, Lotta has a varied menu and Everything here is Fresh and Tasty.

Good Coffee and Cakes, Breakfasts to die for and fantastic lunch items, The World’s End Cafe is one of the charmers and beloved places on Koh Phangan.

NENA Locanda Italiana

Fresh baked Focaccia, Fresh Fish, Fresh Ricotta Cheese, All reminders of what makes Nena Italian so good.

This place is run by an Italian couple and it is Authentic and Delicioso!    

Dishes are prepared fresh every day and the Chef takes the time needed to slow cook sauces and stews.    Cooking pasta el dente, to perfection and topping them with very tasty and refined sauces.   This food is excellent!

From grilled Octopus to fresh Barracuda and Tuna, amazing!

Pasta’s creative and Amazing.

Meats, slow cooked and Amazing.

It’s All Amazing, Delicious, Warm and Welcoming, come and Enjoy!    Bon Gusto!


Loco’s is located in Haad Yao and is a local favorite.    Their Pizza’a are really good and they have Many to choose from.     

Pizza’s are made the authentic Italian way, in a hot oven, thin pies with crispy crust and a wide variety of toppings and tastes to create your own or enjoy one of their own creations.

Other dishes include seafood pasta, lasagna, Bolognese, etc.   

Very tasty, fun loving atmosphere and good location.  Go & Enjoy!

Ristorante Rimini

Rimini is another very good Italian Restaurant in Chaluklum.    The chef here focuses on Fresh Seafood and Homemade, Handmade pastas and Ravioli’s.     The Risotto here is really good too.

A small restaurant with a large outside dining area, its a good place to gather and enjoy some good food and times with friends and family.

Highly recommended

Kika Splace

Here you will find Chef Kika behind the range of this lovely, small Italian restaurant just outside of Chaluklum.   Chef Kika writes her menu’s by hand, each and every day, to insure her diners are given the freshest and most up to date offerings she can provide.

Chef Kika is a very talented Chef, her food is very tasty and fresh.    Chef Kika prides herself on creating fresh and expressive dishes that arrive with mouthwatering anticipation.   

Everything I’ve eaten here from her pasta’s and Ravioli’s to her Fresh Fish dishes have been wonderful.

Kika Splace is located just outside of Chaluklum, it is a small place with a small sign, so watch out for it, you will be happy you made the effort to find this little gem.