Bottle Beach

This is one of the least accessible beaches on Koh Phangan and as a result, one of its most beautiful. You can get there and back by long tail boat from Chaluklum or, as many do, hike from the North side of the island.  

If you choose to hike, expect about an hour and a half hike. Follow the plastic bottles, which mark the hiking route (hence the name, Bottle Beach). 

Once at the beach, just relax and unwind as it is a relatively quiet beach with only a few people at any given time. There are a few beach restaurants to get yourself a cold Coconut, beer or soda water with lime.

The hike begins at Haad Thom (Coral Bay), on the North of Koh Phangan, outside Chaluklum. Go to the end of the road and park, then follow the signs for the jungle trail or walk down the path for the beach trail. Either hike is a bit strenuous and will take some exertion but the good news is that once there, you will enjoy some of the best peace and quite Koh Phangan has to offer. And you can take a taxi boat back!

Haad Salad Beach

Another beautiful beach that is not overly built up. A quiet beach with a few massage shops and beach restaurants.

You’ll find peace and quiet here with nice sand and rolling waters.

Enter the water from the North end of the beach for good snorkeling.

Haad Rin Beach

Haad Rin is the Place for Full Moon Party. This is where, each month, people come to celebrate the Full Moon with Music, Dancing and Drinking. If this is your thing, this is the place to enjoy it, Party Central!

That said, Full Moon is only a few days each month and the rest of the time Haad Rin is a sleepy, quiet town with a lovely, long, clean beach. Great place to walk or lay upon. And there are many good places to eat in the town itself, which is right along the beach.   

Getting to Haad Rin, one drives along the beach road South. It’s a windy road with many view  points along the way. Take your time and enjoy the day or a few days here on South Island.

Thong Pai Pan Noi Beach

This beach is located on the Eastern side of the island, so for those who love sunrises, this is the place to be. It is very laid back here yet has some marvelous resorts to enjoy an upscale feel, get good food and drink, while enjoying the calm waters, beautiful sand and quiet.

A great resort to check out is Santhiya Resort. This resort is built on the side of the mountain with great views and wonderful Thai architecture. It has a couple of really good restaurants and the rooms, though a bit pricy, are well worth the money if you want to be pampered. Visitors get driven around to the various restaurants and rooms throughout the resort, a unique and wonderful experience.

Zen Beach

Ahhhh Zen Beach, located in the famous Sri Thanu, is a terrific and magical beach for watching sunsets. Many of the very talented visitors from Sri Thanu and surrounds gather here at sunset to socialize, play music, practice their art or play with their kids.

It’s a wonderful beach to gather, meet other like minded spiritually leaning, musically playing, fun loving folks or to just sit back quietly and watch the gorgeous sunsets and enjoy the people around you.