I love this place.    Owned and operated by an Israeli couple, these guys have created a really nice space and serve excellent food.    I would call it Israeli comfort food but you don’t have to be Israeli or any particular nationality to love it here.

All the dishes I’ve had here feel like they’ve been made with love, I’m picturing a smiling Grandma, happily cooking for her kids and guests.     And although there is no Grandma in the kitchen, the food tastes that good.

I always come out of this restaurant satisfied and happily contented.

Try their Chicken Schnitzel, simple yes but unusually crispy, fresh and tasty, served with Mashed Potatoes and Tahina.    Their Hummus is really good too, served with fresh Pita bread and salad, yum.    I’ve had their lamb dish, also served with their Mashed Potatoes, delectable.  Shakshuka is one of their signature dishes and wonderful!

They make fresh Challah every Friday and this sweet and special bread can be taken home with you after you’ve eaten or you can order it special and they will happily make it for you.

Their pastas are good too.  As are the desserts.

It’s all good here people, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, they also have lots of items to take home with you, such as pure peanut butter and other nut butters, jams, and really good Baklava, that when I get it never makes it home, it’s so good.

Located on the way out of Sri Thanu, just past Taboon and Friendship Cafe on the right.   Look for their sign and walk into the courtyard to their entrance, worthwhile!