Ahhh, L’Alcove Beach Bistro, really nice, really romantic, really wonderful.  Owners & Operators Karine and Melanie are both from France, Karine from Medoc and Melanie from Normandy.    These two beauties have created a slice of France, Thai style on Koh Phangan.

Their Restaurant is located in Hin Kong, just South of the 7-11 and sits right on the Beach.

They’ve created a Very Romantic and Intimate spot with great food and maybe the largest and most thought out wine list on Koh Phangan.

The decor is so Sexy and Romantic.    With shades of reds and French posters lining the walls, the open air and sea breeze wafting through comfy tables, it is delightful!

On top of that, these woman have created an Entertainment venue for Koh Phangan, bringing together various performing artists, singers, musicians, painters, fire dancers to perform a couple of nights a week, during season.

These women are warm and wonderful, taking care of their guests as though they were in their living room, which is how I feel when I’m there.   Loved and comforted.

Food here is also unusual and good Bistro fare.     I really like their take on spring rolls, instead of the chunky roll ups we are all used to, they roll theirs in a stick fashion, making them long and crispy, really good.    Their fish dishes are excellent as well.

All good, all delicious and if you want Romantic, Warm, Cozy, Sexy and Nice, this is the Place.

Gotta make it at least one night while you are here or you’ll miss something special.