Rolling Pin

Really good place to eat fresh, Homemade Italian Pasta Dishes.   All their pastas are made fresh, using traditional artisan methods.    They even dry their pasta in-house so their customers can take it home and enjoy freshly made pasta in the comfort of their homes.

Italian born and trained Chef Andrea is always busy at work doing what he loves to do, cooking and creating his culinary wonders and he does it well.

All pasta is made fresh daily and is all hand made, in the age old, painstaking tradition of his homeland Italy.

Try the Tortelli ala Patata Delce (Sweet Purple Potato).   Their Cannelloni is divine, as is their fresh Seafood Pasta.   And the Ravioli’s, delicioso!

All is Yummy here and the staff Warm, Welcoming, Friendly and Effeicient.   

Try, you’ll like it.

Located on the North side of Haad Yao, on the hill along the Beach Road.