Pum Pui

Pum Pui is my favorite Thai restaurant on the island and some of the Best Thai food I’ve eaten in Thailand.    Chef Porn and his wife, Oil own and operate Pum Pui and are a Fantastic Team.   Chef Porn works his magic in the kitchen, while his wife, Oil, runs the dining room, smoothly and charmingly.   

The food here is outstanding!   Chef Porn’s cooking is divine.    He has a way and a finesse with spices that are both well balanced and strikingly delicious.    One would think that Pad Thai is Pad Thai but not here, Chef Porn puts his own spin on this hallmark dish and makes it his own, really a step above everyone else’s, the flavors burst in your mouth and the colors pop on the plate.     Same with his Fried Rice, lots of veggies and a taste that keeps making my fork or spoon dive in for more and more mouthwatering bites.

His fish dishes are also wonderful.   I often eat his whole fish and find every time I eat it, the fish is fresh and flakey and delicious, no matter what kind of sauce I order.    His spring rolls are really good as well, so are his raw spring rolls, wrapped in lettuce and full of veggies with a good dipping sauce.     

All the food here is Fantastic.   It is testament to Chef Porn’s exceptional talent and abilities.    I can attest to seeing Chef Porn many times in the morning at Makro with a cart full of fresh produce and other delicacies on his way to the checkout and onto prepare todays dishes.    He makes sure Everything he prepares is fresh and delicious, it is!

And one of the Best things about Chef Porn is his Bursting personality, his Sincere Warmth as a human being, his laughter and charm.    Pum Pui in Thai means big belly, and Chef Porn has that and all the personality that goes along with it, jolly, full of life, sense of humor, hard working and Very Talented!

This place is really not to be missed, my Favorite Thai Restaurant!   For Sure!